Johnsons 2011

Johnsons 2011

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Today is Easter and it has been a nice day so far. We woke up and had pancakes and eggs for breakfast and I didn't burn anything! We had to be to the church by 10:30 to meet with the Bishop. He extended a call to me to be in the Primary. It should be fun! I'm excited. Then we had our meetings and they were all very good. After church Matt wanted to take some Easter pictures of us in our matching purple. Claire had her pretty easter dress on and Matt wore his purple tie. I had to find something purple to wear so I found an old shirt I hadn't worn in a while that's purple. The pictures turned out cute, I just posted one.

We put Claire down for a nap and relaxed for a while. When we went to wake her up to go to my mom's she had fallen asleep sitting up but then laid her head down so she was folded in half. It's pretty funny. Here's a pic.

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